Funding & Investments

Are you in a bind for professional technological expertise? Empire ventures and our partners are here to help you to unleash seasoned, veteran programmers and management consultants to catalyze productivity.

The funding we provide is based upon variables indicated below and follow the criteria such as:

  • Team Review
  • Product & Services Offering
  • Value Proposition
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competition
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Revenue Model
  • Technology
  • Exit Strategy
There are two types of investments made by Empire Ventures

1. Catalytic Investment

Empire Ventures will inject capital into a company that is/has an established business, with a minimal sales, to catalyze sales and revenue growth or it will provide funding for acquisitions which can help the company to catapult with it’s sales into leadership levels.

Typical engagement shall be of equity investment into private companies or participate via PIPE into public companies. We also engage in companies through short term funding such as bridge financing before IPO.

2. Incubation

Empire ventures will get involved at early stages of the company from seed funding to series A.. We typically look for companies within New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin markets and internationally at United Kingdom, Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, India. Dependent on the type of a company and it’s funding needed, we may engage a strategic co-investment partner who may provide additional know-how or thought process. As of 2018, we are limiting our startup engagements to blockchain related companies and ICOs.

We typically engage into conversations by bringing in our partners, who may provide the missing parts of the services, such as

  • Blockchain consulting – (including ERC-20 and EOS)
  • White paper
  • Legal Partners
  • Media Partners
  • Advisory Services
  • Crypto currency support


Depending on your company and it’s needs Empire ventures will co-invest with another funding vehicle or VC. We provide the finest expertise, experience and support with our funding.

If your fund has an interest in peer-to-peer investing, please contact us
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We welcome the opportunity to work with you and share our knowledge, so we can both benefit from the outcome.

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About Us

Empire Ventures is a veteran of startup funding for over two decades. We invest in people who are driven by passion for their products, a desire to change and disrupt technology and a drive to be winners. Our experience spans from simple equity participation to series A, B, mezzanine round financing, PIPE, IPO, and structured debts. We also look at asset rental financing in multiple verticals, such as telecom, mobile, iOT, Voice over IP, ICOs, crypto currencies over blockchain, healthcare, Domain Name funding and more….. As an investor and adviser, our role is to help and grow companies who are technology driven. We apply our experience and expertise to grow our relationships with our investors and share our knowledge so they can overcome all obstacles in their companies.


Empire Ventures seeks entrepreneurs with the courage to re-imagine the world. We engage in founders who are ready to make a difference and come up with the disruptive technology and build transformative company. We are fortunate to work with many visionary entrepreneurs. Each of which have their own stories about how they started their companies and their vision to expand and grow. Getting involved with so many visionaries adds to the knowledge and the knowhow of our ecosystem.

Selected past and present portfolio companies